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No. : 1 • Monday, 8 July 2002

Welcome to Torquay

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Recognition for These Championships

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The 41st PABF Championships 4

Recognition for These Championships

Sunday evening's Opening Ceremony was simple yet effective. We were honoured to be visited by the local Member of Parliament, Adrian Sanders, who gave a nice welcoming speech. A second welcome came from David Harris, Chairman of the English Bridge Union, and, of course, there was our own Panos Gerontopoulos, Chairman of the European Youth Committee, to officially open the Championships, ably supported by Master of Ceremonies, Stefan Back. The teams were introduced, one at a time, so that everyone could see who they would be up against in the competition, as were the main workers and officers at the Championships.

Wider recognition is a must if bridge is to expand and develop as we would all like to see and we are also privileged to have received a warm welcome in the Official Programme from British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. The support of politicians gives us real hope that the wider recognition we seek will eventually come our way if we keep working towards that goal.

The Programme also contains a welcome from the EBL President, Gianarrigo Rona and both he and WBF President, Jose Damiani will be visiting the Championships next week, confirming for anyone who had any doubts that these Junior Championships are considered by everyone to be of great importance, on a par with any other European or World event.

Panos Gerontopoulos
EBL Youth Cmte Chairman

I am very pleased to welcome all of you - players, officials and members of the staff - to Torquay on the occasion of the 18th European Youth Team Championships.

We are indebted to the English Bridge Union for offering us such excellent conditions at the Riviera Convention Centre and the lovely resort of Torquay to play our prime competition.

I am sure that we shall do our very best to make these
Championships the great success they deserve to be.Those on the organizing side have already done their duty to a large
extent. It is now up to us to play the tournament in the great spirit of sportsmanship for which Junior bridge is so famous.

I wish each and everyone of you to succeed in your goal. Only one team can win in the compeition but all can be winners in the department of ethical and friendly behaviour. All can make new friends and renew older relationships. And all can help bridge with their sportsmanship. Let us do just that.
Have a wonderful time in Torquay!

Panos Gerontopoulos

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