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No. : 10 • Wednesday, 17 July 2002

Time For Strong Nerves

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The Italian Junior team stumbled yesterday and are no longer looking quite such certain champions. Italy lost all three matches on the day, 13-17 to Estonia, 11-19 to Scotland and 10-20 to Sweden. In second are France after a mixed day. They lost to Russia 9-21 but defeated Turkey 22-8 and Denmark 20-10. The Danes are right in the thick of things despite a poor day, their other results were a draw against Estonia and a 17-13 victory over Czech Republic. With two matches to go, it looks as though the medals will go to three out of Italy, France, Norway, Denmark and Poland.

In the Schools series, Israel defeated Poland on vugraph to narrow the gap at the top to just 5 VPs. The gold and silver medals should be decided between these two teams, though if either falters The Netherlands are only 15 VPs behind Israel, with Norway a further 6 VPs back. Third are The Netherlands, who had a good day with maximum 25s against Wales and Ireland plus a 16-14 win in the important match against Norway.

At the bottom, Wales had their first win, 16-14 over Czech Republic. However, they still lie in last place as Scotland's three losses still added up to more VPs than Wales took from the day. Third from bottom Ireland won two matches out of three, 18-12 against Austria and 16-14 against Scotland.

The Sunday Boat Trip and Barbecue

While the weather here in Torquay has been pretty poor for much of the week, we have been very fortunate to have sunshine on the two days off, Thursday and Sunday, when it was most needed.

Sunday evening saw the Boat Trip, which attracted some 220 players and officials - not bad as Margaret Curtis was worrying earlier in the week whether there would be the minimum 20 people needed to justify running the trip! Everyone I have spoken to about the two-hour trip around the surrounding area thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, we have photographic evidence of the fact that some of you are not getting enough bridge at these Championships (sorry about that, maybe in two years time we can play six 20-board matches a day and save you all from needing to check into a hotel) and were playing cards on the boat rather than enjoying the scenery.

The Barbecue was also very popular and the singing, accompanied by Greek guitar music, went on for many hours (as you can see at the photo).

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