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No. : 7 • Sunday, 14 July 2002

Italy Still on Top in Juniors

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Italy Still on Top in Juniors 1
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Schools Championship - The Form Guide 5
Interpretation of Laws & Conditions of Contest 6
Juniors Round 12 7

Despite losing the last match of the day by 8-22 to Denmark, Italy still lead the Junior series by 20 VPs from France. The French lost a big match in the morning, 7-23 against Italy, but recovered with 45 from their other two matches. Denmark made a big move on the day with 63 VPs from their three matches, while England did even better, scoring 67. That puts the Danes up to third, just ahead of Norway and Poland, and England are up to sixth.

Poland and Israel are locked together at the top of the Schools Championship, already 20 VPs clear of third-placed Norway. Then come Italy and Germany. Well-fancied England continue to struggle in mid-table. Poland scored 60 VPs on the day including a Bye, while Israel racked up 66. Scotland won the big match at the bottom 22-8 to move 23 VPs clear of Wales, while Ireland provided the day's big shock, defeating England 17-13.

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