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No. : 6 • Saturday, 13 July 2002

Poland Early Schools' Leader

England vs Scotland - The Battle of Britain
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Poland Early Schools' Leader 1
Juniors Round 10: Austria vs Spain 2
The All-Time Bridge Greats (5) 3
Hand Stories 4
Dreaming, Winning and Losing 5
Juniors Round 11 6
Team Profiles 7

In the Juniors, France suffered their first defeat at the hands of Croatia, 13-17 and, while the French still lie second, Italy's two solid wins, 22-8 and 20-10 over Finland and Israel respectively, means they are now 18 VPs clear of second. Norway had a good day to move up to third, scoring a maximum 25 against Austria then getting 16 against England. Scotland have moved off the bottom, to be replaced by Spain, but had to use their 18 VPs for a bye to do it.

In the Schools Championship, Poland lead from Israel, Norway and Denmark. The Poles had a huge day, scoring 74 VPs by defeating Sweden 24-6, Czech Republic 25-2 and Wales 25-1. Israel surprised Italy by taking a maximum 25-5 against them, then drew with The Netherlands before ending the day with a solid 20-10 win over Sweden. Incidentally, if it sounds as though the Swedes had a bad day, their middle match was a 25-2 demolition of France.

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