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 • Format

The Championships consist of a pairs tournament and a teams tournament. Transnational combinations are allowed.

The Pairs Championship comprises 3 qualifying sessions, followed by a 2-session final and a consolation tournament.

The Teams will be played as a Swiss tournament with a knockout ending for the top teams: after twelve 10-board rounds, the top four teams will advance to the semifinals (and then to the final and the 3rd-place playoff - all played over 32 boards), while the rest will play 4 more Swiss rounds.

 • Schedule of Play

Saturday, March 16 10.00 - 14.15 Mixed Pairs Registration
14.30 - 18.15 Qualifier 1
20.15 - 24.00 Qualifier 2
Sunday, March 17 10.30 - 14.15 Qualifier 3
16.30 - 20.15 Final 1
Monday, March 18 10.00 - 13.45 Final 2
15.00 - 18.45 Final 3
19.45 Prize-giving and cocktail
Tuesday March 19 10.00 - 13.00 Mixed Teams Registration
14.00 1st session (4 matches,10 boards each)
Wednesday, March 20 10.00 2nd session (2 matches,10 boards each)
16.30 3rd session (3 matches,10 boards each)
Thursday, March 21 10.00 4th session (3 matches,10 boards each)
16.30 Semi-final (32 boards)
5th session (2 matches,10 boards each)
Friday, March 22 10.00 Final & Playoff match (32 boards)
6th session (2 matches,10 boards each)
15.30 Prize-giving & cocktail buffet

 • Registration

All entries must be made exclusively through the NBOs, before 31st January 2002. There is no limit on the number of entries from any one NBO.

The Mixed Championships are transnational events reserved to all registered players of NBOs affiliated to the EBL. If an NBO wishes to register a pair or team with players from another Federation these players must firstly obtain the authorisation from their own Federation.


Gianarrigo Rona - President
European Bridge League
Via Ciro Menotti 11/C
I-20129 Milan

 39-02-7000 0022
  39-02-7000 1398

 • Rules & Regulations

{short description of image}  7th European Mixed Pairs Championship
{short description of image}  7th European Mixed Teams Championship

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 • Entry Fees

To be paid in cash (Swiss Francs or Euros) at the Tournament Reception and Registration Desk in Media Center, Oostende, as per schedule.


Payment Date Entry Fee
Mixed Pairs Saturday, 16 March 2002 SF 350 (per pair)
Mixed Teams Tuesday, 19 March 2002 SF 1,000 (per team)

 • Prizes

Honour (EBL Master Points) and cash prizes will be awarded.

 • Contact

Christina McEachen
European Bridge League
Via Ciro Menotti 11/C
I-20129 Milan

 39-02-7000 0022
  39-02-7000 1398

For players looking for teammates for the Mixed Teams event and for any further information, please contact


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