Farewell Message from the President of the EBL

So now the curtain falls on the 6th edition of the European Mixed Championships and Bellaria passes the baton to Ostend for the 7th edition in 2002.

I wish to applaud and thank all you participants for allowing this Championship to run at such an exceptionally high technical level. The level of competition and sportsmanship, and especially the spirit of cordiality and fairplay, have been outstanding in this event. As I already mentioned at the end of the Pairs Competition, this Championship has truly demonstrated that the dignity the sport of bridge has received from IOC recognition is fully deserved.

Once again I wish to give my most sincere applause and thanks to all the staff involved in the organisation of these Championships: the Chairman, Jean-Claude Beineix; the Tournament Managers, Federigo Ferrari Castellani and Ton Kooijman; the Tournament Directors, headed by Claude Dadoun; the Technical staff co-ordinated by Gianni Bertotto; the Main Office and Duplication staff headed by Fulvio Colizzi; the Daily Bulletin of Jean Paul Meyer and his excellent colleagues; the Press Room of Elly Ducheyne; Hospitality and Protocol of Anna Maria Torlontano and Silvia Valentini; and finally the Appeal Committee chaired by Jens Auken. I would like to express my thanks also to the Manager of the Centro Congressi, Mr Emiliano Emiliani, and all his personnel, for their splendid co-operation. If you players have been the true protagonists of this event and have been able to participate in this wonderful competition, this is only due to the hard work, professionalism, and enthusiasm of all the staff. It is they who have allowed the Championships to run smoothly and without hitches. Last but not least, I must express our most heartfelt thanks to our friends, the sponsors, who with their help and support once again have allowed us to organise these Championships in the best way possible.

My congratulations to the winners! But winners or not, I hope that you have all enjoyed your stay in Bellaria and that you return home with marvellous memories of this event. My dear friends, your enthusiasm is also ours, and is the greatest gratification for our efforts. I hope to see you soon.

Arrivederci a presto!

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