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5th EBL NBO Administrators' Seminar
Centro Giulio Onesti - Acqua Acetosa, Rome, Italy • 29 January - 1 February 2009
  • Presentations
    Bridge and Internet by Panos Gerontopoulos
    ◊ Bridge in Schools (France)
  Teaching Bridge in Schools by Yves Aubry
  Teaching Bridge in Schools - FFB
    ◊ Bridge in Schools (Italy)
  Bridgematic Project by Mariarosaria Antozzi & Maria Laura Calamida
  Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Education
  Teaching Young People Bridge and Sports by Gianni Bertotto
    Development of Bridge through Universities by Paolo Clair
    ◊ Internet & Bridge - To be or not to be by Armand Trippaers
    Mind - Bridge - Doping by P. W. Gabriele
    NBO Concern with Ethics by Grattan Endicott
    Resources of the League and Membership Dues Policy by Marc De Pauw
    Role and Needs of the Small NBOs of the EBL by Jean-Charles Allavena
    Senior Bridge by Guido Resta
    University Bridge by Geert Magerman
    Women Bridge by Anna-Maria Torlontano

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