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Exercise No1

  ¨ K 9 2
§ A Q 4 3
¨ 10 8
§ K 2
Bridge deal ¨ Q 5 3
§ 7
  © J
¨ A J 7 6 4
  • teams
    South is declarer in 3NT and has to lead from dummy. He has won 8 tricks and plays ¨7, East ¨5. He now plays ©9 and West wins with the 10. At this moment south tells he revoked and West calls the TD.
  • matchpoints
    same cards left. South now has made 6 tricks so far. TD. South does not know the position of the ¨10, nor in a) nor in b).

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Exercise No2

  ª 4
© --
¨ A52
§ --
ª J
© --
¨ 87
§ 8
Bridge deal ª 10
© --
¨ J4
§ 7
  ª 5
© 3
¨ 6
§ 2 (6)

South is declarer in 4© and has made 9 tricks

Dummy to lead is asked to play the ¨A which is ruffed by declarer.

  • Dummy screams 'idiot' after which declarer replaces the ©3 for the ¨6. TD.
  • Dummy asks: 'why do you ruff my ace?' Declarer discovers his revoke. TD.
  • Declarer now has §6 in stead of ¨6 and once again dummy asks: 'why do you ruff my ace?' TD.

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Exercise No3

Dealer South

ª 3
© J8765
¨ A10
§ A9854

ª A2
© K109
¨ J9832
§ J107

Bridge deal ª Q54
© AQ
¨ Q764
§ K632

ª KJ109876
© 432
¨ K3
§ Q

South is declarer in 2ª. The lead is §J and south starts thinking for a while. At the moment he wants to announce to play the §A east, who is an older man and short seeing (act as such!!), plays the ª4 and south immediately changes his mind and calls for a small club. Now east asks what has been played and being told the lead was in clubs he admits that he revoked (thought the lead was in spades) and plays the §K. TD!

  • South somewhat ashamed about his change of mind just tells what happened with East's play.
  • South tells what happened with east's play but also wants to change his played card in dummy now east appears to follow suit, his play being based on the prematurely play of the ª4.
  • South tells what happened including his change of mind as soon as he saw the ª4 being played.

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