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Julian Klukowski

The European Bridge Community is deeply saddened to hear of the death of Julian Klukowski who passed away on Friday 7th April. 

Julian Klukowski was one of the most prominent Polish bridge players, a winner of many medals, a World and European Champion on many occasions. He was ranked first in the world ranking of Seniors and a World Master. Last year, in Budapest, he was part of the Polish team that won the bronze medal in the Senior Teams.

Our deepest condolences to all members of his family and his friends.

8th European Open Bridge Championships 

The 8th European Open Bridge Championships will be held at Congress Centre & Palavinci, Montecatini Terme - Italy - from the 10th to the 24th of june 2017. 

The Championships comprise the following competitions: Mixed Pairs, Mixed Teams, Open Women's and Senior Teams, Open Women's and Senior Pairs. All the events are Transnational.

Please note that the Supplemental Conditions of Contest has been slightly modified to clearly reflect that drop-in pairs from all Series, not only Open, may include one player that did not play in the respective Series' team event, subject to the specified limitations.

Programme of the Championships

Registration Page & Participation List

Montecatini Tourism Office at 

How to reach Montecatini at

Hotel Reservation at

Montecatini events at

16th European Champions' Cup

The 16th edition of the EBL Champions' Cup will be held in Riga, Latvia, at the Monika Centum Hotel, from 9th to 11th November 2017 (similar schedule as in 2016).

According to the results of the 2016 European Open Team Championship held in Budapest, and in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, the National Teams Champions (the teams which won the main national Open Team Champiosnhip in 2016-2017) of the following NBOs, plus the defending champion "Monaco FM" and the host team, are invited to participate: Bulgaria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Monaco (2), Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

Further info will be available soon

1st Information Letter of the EBL President

Women's Event in Montecatini

Dear Women Players, it's exciting to be going back to Italy for the 8th European Open Championships, held in San Remo 2009, and this year being held in June in the lovely Montecatini Terme.

Do come and join us as we keep alive the vision of our Women's Committee dynamic founder, Anna Maria Torlontano, who sadly passed away last november. Anna Maria was determined to maintain a platform for women to achieve medal recognition in their own category.

See you there!

Sevinc Atay, EBL Women Committee

For further info please contact Mme. Catherine Vitry at

Leaflet of the event

26th European Youth Bridge Team Championships

The 26th European Youth Bridge Team Championships will be staged at the X-Bionic Sphere, Samorin - Slovakia from 8th to 15th of July 2017.

The Championships consist of four series: U26 Open, U26 Women, U21 and U16. Each of the four series will be played as a complete Round-Robin with all teams playing each other.

The Registration Page is now open. 

The systems in all the Series must be sent by email to the EBL Systems Administrator, Anna Gudge at by 21st June 2017. 

All entries must be made electronically via this website (not by email), before 5 June 2017 (team registration) and 15 June 2017 (team roster).

Adjustments to rankings arising from the disqualification of pairs or teams after the end of an event.  

Team Knock Out Events:

The disqualified teams will be removed from the final rankings and those positions will remain vacant. Should both finalists be disqualified then the winner of the playoff for 3rd and 4th places will be ranked first and the loser of that playoff will be ranked second. Third place will remain vacant.

Pairs and Non-Knock Out Team events, whether single or multi-stage (such as round robin, Swiss).

All pairs or teams finishing below the disqualified pairs or team(s) will be moved up to fill the vacant spaces, and the relative ranking will not be affected. Awards (medals, prizes, master points etc) will be conferred according to the new ranking.

These rules will be applicable to all EBL events, future and past, where a disqualification arises. 

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